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Apr 08, 2020   Comments Off on Why Billy Crudup Acts for the Process (Rather Than the Results) Media / Article

“In the Envelope: An Awards Podcast” features intimate interviews with award-winning actors and other creatives. Join host and Awards Editor Jack Smart for a front row seat to the industry’s most exciting awards races, and valuable acting and career advice from contenders! This episode is brought to you by HBO. Continue reading here

Apr 08, 2020   Comments Off on How The Morning Show Surprised Us All Career / The Morning Show

Once upon a time known as November, 2017, we opened a story with this line: “Jennifer Aniston is preparing to make her return to TV.” In October, 2018, we wrote a story with this headline: “Steve Carell Returning to TV in Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston’s New Apple Series.” Continue reading here