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Jun 12, 2020   Comments Off on The 12 Best House Party Scenes In Movie History Media / Article

Party scenes in movies can really make or break a film. They can lead to huge plot developments, or character revelations, or they can simply look really awesome. Whether it’s an upscale bash or a more relaxed keg party doesn’t matter: It’s the vibe the party gives off. Here are 12 of the best movie party scenes that make us wish we were there.

6. Almost Famous (2000)
If you want your vision of a cool lead rock guitarist to crumble before your very eyes, watch the house party scene in Almost Famous. Stillwater guitarist Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup) takes William (Patrick Fugit) to a Kansas party in search of some “real people.” The teens throwing the party can’t believe their luck with their rock star guest, but William sees Russell’s self-destructive tendencies come out. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty epic when Russell does a roof-jump into the pool. Don’t try that at home.

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