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Jun 27, 2020   Comments Off on Billy Crudup plays with power, ambition, even a little goofiness in ‘Morning Show’ #TheMorningShow, Press / Interview

It’s a confusing time, but Billy Crudup is here to solve mysteries. For starters, it’s pronounced “Crewed up” (not “Crud-up,” as it has been screwed up in the past). And who is Cory Ellison, Crudup’s character on “The Morning Show,” really? When the mirthful, brutally effective executive first appears, he seems ready to jettison longtime anchor Alex (Jennifer Aniston) for younger blood (including Reese Witherspoon’s Bradley). But is he really the latest hotshot corporate killer for the powers that be? Or is he a handsome saboteur, a kind of double agent taking aim at the patriarchy while making a handsome living doing it? And is he a bit nutty? Continue here

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