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Jun 27, 2020   Comments Off on [throwback] Bobbie Wygant Interviews Jennifer Connelly and Billy Crudup for “Inventing The Abbots” #InventingTheAbbotts, Media / Video Interview

Jun 27, 2020   Comments Off on Billy Crudup plays with power, ambition, even a little goofiness in ‘Morning Show’ #TheMorningShow, Press / Interview

It’s a confusing time, but Billy Crudup is here to solve mysteries. For starters, it’s pronounced “Crewed up” (not “Crud-up,” as it has been screwed up in the past). And who is Cory Ellison, Crudup’s character on “The Morning Show,” really? When the mirthful, brutally effective executive first appears, he seems ready to jettison longtime anchor Alex (Jennifer Aniston) for younger blood (including Reese Witherspoon’s Bradley). But is he really the latest hotshot corporate killer for the powers that be? Or is he a handsome saboteur, a kind of double agent taking aim at the patriarchy while making a handsome living doing it? And is he a bit nutty? Continue here

Jun 27, 2020   Comments Off on ‘The Morning Show’ Emmy interviews: Billy Crudup, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, showrunner Kerry Ehrin and more #TheMorningShow

The streaming service Apple TV+ launched in the fall of 2019, and with it came the outlet’s flagship drama “The Morning Show,” which takes place behind the scenes of a morning TV news program in turmoil after it’s rocked by a sexual misconduct allegation. Will it rack up Emmys this fall? Scroll down for our exclusive video interviews with some of the top awards contenders from the show. Continue here

Jun 27, 2020   Comments Off on ‘The Morning Show’ Showrunner Kerry Ehrin On Making Change After #MeToo: “It Comes From Education” #TheMorningShow

Loosely based on Brian Stelter’s nonfiction book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV, The Morning Show proved a big hit for the newly launched Apple TV +, with a stellar cast including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. In its first season, the show jumped straight in at the deep end, detailing the aftermath of a sexual misconduct scandal that finds TV anchor Alex Levy (Aniston) losing her longtime screen partner (Carell) and drawn into competition with rising star Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon). Continue here

Jun 27, 2020   Comments Off on ‘Succession,’ ‘The Morning Show’ Bosses on Writing About the Media and Power #TheMorningShow

The media can’t get enough when it comes to talking about the media — which is why, perhaps, its obsession extends to fictionalized takes on the business as well. HBO’s “Succession” and Apple TV Plus’ “The Morning Show” both fit the bill: They’re not actually based on real people or real events, but they’re definitely inspired by them. Continue here

Jun 22, 2020   Comments Off on Billy Crudup Fought for His ‘Morning Show’ Role: “It Took Some Convincing” #TheMorningShow, Career / The Morning Show, Press / Interview

The actor, who was never interested in being the leading man, has earned near universal acclaim  for his supporting role on the Apple TV+ drama — even though he had to lobby for the part. Continue here

Jun 22, 2020   Comments Off on ‘Almost Famous’ Gets a 20th Anniversary Oral History for ‘Origins’ Podcast #AlmostFamous, Career / Almost Famous

With the 20th anniversary of the release date of the film “Almost Famous” approaching in September, the “Origins” podcast is getting a jump of the commemorating by launching a five-part series about the making of Cameron Crowe’s much-loved rock ‘n’ roll comedy-drama. Continue here

Jun 12, 2020   Comments Off on The 12 Best House Party Scenes In Movie History Media / Article

Party scenes in movies can really make or break a film. They can lead to huge plot developments, or character revelations, or they can simply look really awesome. Whether it’s an upscale bash or a more relaxed keg party doesn’t matter: It’s the vibe the party gives off. Here are 12 of the best movie party scenes that make us wish we were there.

6. Almost Famous (2000)
If you want your vision of a cool lead rock guitarist to crumble before your very eyes, watch the house party scene in Almost Famous. Stillwater guitarist Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup) takes William (Patrick Fugit) to a Kansas party in search of some “real people.” The teens throwing the party can’t believe their luck with their rock star guest, but William sees Russell’s self-destructive tendencies come out. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty epic when Russell does a roof-jump into the pool. Don’t try that at home.

Continue here

Jun 12, 2020   Comments Off on Tribeca Interview: Billy Crudup’s Secret to a Strong, Lasting Career Press / Interview

Tribeca Interview: Billy Crudup’s Secret to a Strong, Lasting Career. Continue here

Jun 12, 2020   Comments Off on Billy Crudup opens up about playing against his usual “shattered” type in “After the Wedding” Press / Interview

Salon talks to Crudup and writer/director Bart Freundlich about their gender-flipped remake of a 2006 Danish film. Continue here

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